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COVID-19 Resources for Nonprofits

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This page is set up to help you find nonprofit and church specific resources for navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. These resources come from a variety of places and most have opt-in requirements.

I wanted to help you find information in the most effective way. Check back. I’ll add resources as I find them.



These links all lead to free checklists, guides, worksheets, blog posts, webinar replays, and other freebies.

Legislation and Management  Resources

National Council of Nonprofits has put together articles to help nonprofits navigate the ever-changing world we find ourselves in. These articles deal with legislation and management.

April Social Media Post Ideas COVID-19 Edition

I am continuing the series where I give you posting ideas for each month. This time it’s April. I’ve included some notes that are COVID-19 specific so you can fit the post to more relevant times. I’m giving you a list of national days so you can tailor days to your nonprofit.

At the Top: Small Nonprofit Leaders Facebook Group

This group is talking about working from home and fundraising during this time.

How To Facilitate Effective Virtual Meetings

Beth Kanter has been working from home since the early 1990’s and gives you some of her wisdom for virtual meetings.

Nonprofit Work From Home Policy Template & Tips (+ Product Discounts!)

Remote working and telecommuting are not a new concept, but it may be new for many nonprofits and for-good companies suddenly adopting a work from home (WFH, for short) policy due to the Coronavirus. Below is a version of the Whole Whale WFH policy as a template to borrow and build on for your organization. 

COVID-19 Resources from AFP

To help you navigate the ever-changing landscape, the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) gathered resources to help guide you in your fundraising, donor communications and stewardship, engaging current and prospective donors from your home, and more.


This blog post from Kivi Leroux Miller gives you five tips to consider as you think about how you want to communicate with the media during the coming weeks and months.


This blog post from Kivi Leroux Miller gives you tips for communicating your upcoming event plans during this time.


This is the second blog post from Kivi Leroux Miller gives you tips for communicating your upcoming event plans during this time.

Preparing Your Volunteer Program for COVID-19

From the Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administration, this article gives you eight tips to help you and your volunteers. 

How to Create a Crisis Communications Plan for Your Nonprofit

WildApricot gives you an outline of a Crisis Plan and helps you understand how to put one together.

How to Salvage Your Fundraising Event During the COVID 19 Crisis

Here is an article from Sandy Rees that will help you with events.

A Guide to the COVID-19 Crisis for Arts & Culture Nonprofits

Here is a blog post from Ashley Cain, an Arts nonprofit consultant. She has a free download for you.

The way COVID-19 WILL destroy your fundraising — if you let it

One of my favorite fundraisers, Jeff Brooks at Future Fundraising Now, shares his decades of experience on fundraising in difficult times. 

Coronavirus and Fundraising: What to Expect and How to Prepare

Gail Perry gives you her gameplan for surviving this pandemic with your Major Donors.

Fundraising from home during COVID-19: Nine Tips

Pamela Grow gives you nine tips to survive fundraising from home.

COVID-19: 5 Steps to Keep Your Fundraising Strong Through the Crisis (Webinar Replay)

These are uncertain times and so much has changed in the last few weeks, but the team and I here at Moceanic are here to help.

I recently ran a free webinar on Facebook, COVID-19: 5 Steps to Keep Your Fundraising Strong Through the Crisis. Watch the replay below and discover how you CAN survive this unexpected crisis:

  • Learn how to avoid a fundraising catastrophe
  • Understand how you can take control of the situation
  • Discover how to recover lost events income
  • Key strategies for crisis and emergency campaigns
  • A free downloadable cheat-sheet: COVID-19 and Your Fundraising
  • Learn from what other fundraisers asked me during this live webinar

What To Do If You Have to Cancel Your Event

When the news about COVID-19 began to break, nonprofit professionals had a lot of the same concerns as most people, like how to protect themselves and their loved ones, whether or not to start working remotely, and how to best support each other.

But there’s something else that you’ve probably had to make a hard decision on: whether or not to cancel your fundraising event.

Spring is a busy season for fundraising events, from breakfasts to formal balls. Many nonprofits rely heavily on the money they raise from these events, with some counting on raising a large chunk of their annual budgets from one event. (Raise your hand if you’re one of the above…)

But this year, most of these events are simply not an option.

WildApricot gives you your options and walks you through each one.

For Churches

These links are church specific.

Graphic Resources

Link to sign up for free Meeting Announcement graphics from Kenny Jahng at

Graphics to help you engage your church during the COVID-19 pandemic.

100% free to download. No email required.

Courtesy of Igniter Media.

Easter Ideas

Ryan Wakefield at Church Marketing University crowdsourced the document The Ultimate Easter Ideas List. 

The ideas are designed with COVID-19 in mind, and cover a wide range of Easter topics: Live Streaming, Kids Ministry, Outreach, Digital Discipleship, Salvation, Holy Week, Good Friday, Follow-Up, Community Care, etc.

The Ultimate Coronavirus Guide For Churches

How to quickly ramp up your digital ministry, digital services, and digital giving.

Ryan Wakefield at Church Marketing University has an Ultimate Guide.

This guide will help your church ramp up your digital ministry, digital services, and digital giving. Now is the time for us to serve people more than ever before!

Here is what we will help you with.

  • Live streaming guides to get started fast or with $0 budget.
  • Music and licensing information.
  • Easter ideas for when you can’t meet in person.
  • Digital kids’ ministry ideas.
  • Generosity and online giving.
  • Promoting your digital service(s).
  • Hospitality and outreach throughout the week.
  • Digital small group ideas.
  • Ministering to older generations.
  • Quick tips to get your church started.
  • Your new Easter plan. (Coming Soon)
  • Further resources to keep you encouraged and informed.

Companies Giving Back

These links are to companies that have made a commitment to nonprofits to give free or discounted products during this time.


for Nonprofits and Churches

from GiveCentral’s press release:

GiveCentral is helping more than 500 churches now reach out to their community to provide prayer and comfort. The online fundraising platform is helping people to connect with their churches to share their prayer needs, requests for home visits and other critical concerns. It is more important than ever to engage even virtually when we cannot touch the hands of those in our communities.

GiveCentral is also able to help charities to continue to ask for the funds necessary to support their ministries.

With GiveCentral, it only takes seconds for those in the community to ask for prayers or other help. Engagement is made possible via mobile, desktop, text or email. The community members can continue supporting their parishes in seconds as well.

For other charities needing help, GiveCentral will have staff available for extended hours to help for the next several weeks. The platform believes that all charities need to be able to continue their ministries, and GiveCentral will be there to help. In order to make this as easy as possible, GiveCentral will help with the set up for communications including texting, mobile and video streaming in less than 24 hours. It will also waive all start up costs for the next fours weeks to help in this time of real need. The main goal of GiveCentral is to help charities as they struggle to respond.

GiveCentral will also help the charities reach out to their communities for financial support for their ministry. This support will become even more critical in the days. GiveCentral is unique in its ability to help locations respond quickly to its community.

To get started, go to this link.

Google for Nonprofits

for Nonprofits and Churches

This article by WiredImpact gives you more information on Google for Nonprofits. Google released a statement earlier this week that Google Hangouts/Meet will be upgraded for a while to 250 participants and no time limit.

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